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British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters

British Sign Language Interpreters use hand shapes, gestures, facial expressions and body language to help individuals communicate between spoken English and BSL. With over 150,000 people in the UK using BSL, we are proud to play a small part in helping individuals who are deaf to communicate with their communities and have equal access to all of the services that they need.

Why Use Us

Whilst some BSL users can lip read many cannot and often words with similar shape patterns can be misunderstood. We recommend the assistance of a BSL interpreter for all clients who use BSL, especially in formal or official settings.

We have an extensive network of BSL interpreters, all of whom are NRCPD qualified. Our interpreters are highly skilled and have extensive experience handling all kinds of different matters, including those of a sensitive nature. Each of our BSL interpreters has signed a code of conduct which ensures that they act in a professional and impartial manner. Moreover, we also ensure they have signed a confidentiality agreement, guaranteeing that they will act in full compliance with GDPR regulations.

Meeting Your Business Needs

Whilst BSL is the most commonly used form of sign language in the UK, we are also able to provide deaf relay interpreters to assist in communication between BSL and a client’s native variant, and interpreters who interpret for clients who are both blind and deaf.

For ongoing matters, we understand that it may be preferable to have the same interpreter at a number of appointments and we will always try our best to make this possible. We can also provide remote interpreting to continue to meet your needs no matter the situation, via many different platforms including Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp. 

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