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At Translate UK we provide a transcription service tailored to meet your needs. Whether you need notes on a phone call, captions for a video, or a transcript of a police interview, we can help.


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Transcription is the process of taking verbal communication and turning it into written reports. Our transcribers can accurately taking down audio communication, this is perfect for creating interview notes or subtitles.

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    Our Transcription Service

    Why Use Us?

    We provide a professional transcription service, tailored to suit your unique needs. Our transcribers are experienced individuals based across the country, who can work in multiple languages. We pride ourselves on supplying a high-quality service, with a flexible, personal approach, so whatever the situation, we are here to assist you.

    Why Use Us

    Qualified Experienced Transcribers

    We have qualified and knowledgeable transcribers in several fields. These include the legal, government, medical and financial sectors. Our network also spans the entire United Kingdom, so accents won’t be a problem.

    Why Use Us

    Secure and Confidential

    Our transcribers are vetted, and we ask that they sign a code of conduct and data protection agreement before undertaking any work with us.  This is to ensure professionalism and compliance with GDPR regulations.

    Transcription Service



    Our transcribers can provide you a verbatim transcription with every “um” and false start included. We can provide more concise version, for when you don’t need that level of detail. 

    As well as the option to have a verbatim transcription or not, you also have the option to include further details. These include features like timestamps and speaker identification. If you need a live transcription, have a look at our page on note taking.

    Why Use Us

    Transcription and Translation

    We can provide transcriptions in almost any language, giving you a detailed report in the language of your choosing. Our transcription service can also be used alongside our translation services, so your transcription can also be translated into English if required.

    Why Use Us

    Here To Help Your Business

    At Translate UK, we pride ourselves on treating every client as an individual. Therefore, we are happy to tailor our services so that it better suits your needs. Speak to a member of staff to discuss how we can adapt the service to meet your unique situation.

    Our Services

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