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Our international team of translators and interpreters provides specialist support for every industry sector, and at every level.

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What Do We Translate?

Anything at all – no job is too large or too small.

When it comes to the the art of translation, our experts can work in almost any language spoken or written today, and give you the results you need, in a timescale to suit you.

Document Translation

Every conceivable type of document, from technical manuals and user guides, to marketing brochures and corporate annual reports


New media, multimedia, online content – no problem. We can handle eLearning, animation, audio and video, presentations and even games.


We can ensure that your website is tailored to take account of the specific customs and traditions of your target markets – not just translating the words!

Face To Face Interpreting

Working with industry or the public sector, we can help you negotiate with your customers face-to-face, in their language

Telephone Interpreting

Our fluent staff can handle one-to-one telephone conversations, making sure everybody is on the same page.

Sign Language

We can even offer a professional British Sign Language interpretation service for the hearing-impaired.


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We Solve Problems

Not all translation work is straightforward – but we can handle the difficult jobs!

We Communicate

We find that talking jobs through with clients gets the best results!

And There's More...

We go the extra mile to make sure we dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’.

We Meet Deadlines

We all have to work against the clock sometimes. We can help speed things up!


We make sure that each translation is “fit for purpose”, and takes into account the subtleties of the language as it is spoken and understood by your customers.

Quality Every Time

We offer a personal approach that our clients value, with a commitment to quality and accuracy that has become the hallmark of our professional service.

We have used Translate UK’s translation & interpreting services over the last 9 years and have found them to be very professional and have provided our firm with quality language services


Sinead Szpala

Director of Marketing, Ramsdens Solicitors LLP

Quality of service guaranteed every time

Sureya Hussain


Languages From Every Continent

We don’t just handle the easy ones – no matter how obscure a language or dialect, we can handle it.



Tigre to Oromo



Albanian to Lithuanian


Just Plain Obscure

Zaghawa to Kikuyu

Sector-specific support

Although we provide high quality translations in practically any field you care to name, we take pride in the specialist support we are able to offer in several key sectors.

In developing expertise in these sectors we are a first-choice partner for many internationally active companies. Our ability to supply qualified and experienced translators and interpreters with in-depth knowledge of particular industry sectors ensures that our clients benefit from a tailored, cost-effective language solution.

Our linguists understand the business, regulatory and cultural environments you trade in, and can make a real difference to your international business.

We offer a complete service, from translating promotional materials, websites and PR, to face-to-face interpreting that can help you clinch the deal.

Qualified and with legal experience in contract law, employment law and many other fields, we can help you in any language.

Medical Translation has to be accurate and precise. Regardless of your medical field we have qualified translators with experience.

Medical Translation has to accurate and precise. Regardless of your medical field we have qualified translators with experience.

World trade is developing fast with so much at stake, our company understands that time is money, accuracy and speed are crucial.

We can ensure you have a consistent message in all languages for multinational Marketing and Public Relations.

Speaking to communities in their own language is important for local and national government. We can make it easy for you.



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