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Our History

Over 15 Years of Experience

Translate UK was founded in 2006 to provide translation and interpreting services to businesses in the North of England.

Since our inception, we have been growing and are now able to provide translation and interpreting services in all major languages and most obscure languages. We serve clients throughout the UK, Europe, and Asia.

Providing Language Services Since 2006.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide high-quality language services to business and commerce across the country. We strive to reach excellence, providing difficult to find languages and working with extremely tight timescales.

Our Vision

We are working to become the UK’s top provider for language services. We currently have the privilege of working with Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Services, as well as councils, law firms, and a range of businesses across the UK. 

Our Values

Translate UK is a family business at heart, and we are proud of the community we have built. Our team is passionate about people, and we’re dedicated to providing a service which upholds each of our core values: Equality, Integrity and Excellence. 

Our Strategy

Why Work With Translate UK?

Each of our clients and linguists is important to us and our team works tirelessly to provide an excellent language service. Combining the best of a personal and professional approach. 

With over 15 years of experience, the team here at Translate UK are ready and able to assist with your language needs. We work with talented linguists who possess a range of qualifications and experience, allowing us to find an interpreter compatible with your needs. We frequently supply highly qualified, fully vetted interpreters, with years of experience in the industry. We aim to provide a professional and dependable service and so ask that our linguists keep up to date with the terminology in their chosen field.

Whether you’re in the legal sector or in marketing, we understand that time is of the essence. We have hundreds of professional, motivated interpreters and translators, so we are fully prepared to deliver on a deadline. We regularly arrange interpreters to attend appointments the next day and have even provided same-day interpreters when needed. A standard translation usually takes our linguists less than 48 hours to complete, but if you’re working on an even tighter deadline we may be able to have it back by the end of the working day.

We are fully equipped to provide a secure and confidential service. All of your data and documents are stored in compliance with GDPR regulations, and we only ever send documents by secure email. Each of our linguists has signed a confidentially agreement and has been educated on the correct way to handle, store and dispose of the data and information they receive.

At Translate UK we have your best interests at heart. We specialise in a personal approach and each member of our team recognizes the value of all our clients and linguists. This means more often than not we see our clients coming back for more, allowing us to build those important relationships and foster strong and long-lasting partnerships.

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What People Say

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