what we offer

Specialist Translations

We provide specialist support for certain sectors, where we have extensive experience. For certain sectors we can provide specialist interpreters and translators with in-depth knowledge and experience in the field. This allows us to provide a service better tailored to the unique needs of the sector. Our linguists understand the business, regulatory and cultural environments that you trade in, and can make a real difference to the needs of your multi-lingual client base. 

Industry Insight

Work with experienced professionals, with years of experience providing language services for your industry. 

Specialist Terminology

We are able to providing translators with an understanding of scientific, medical or legal terminology.

Tailored Service

Your industry has unique needs, and so does your company. We work to find the language service that suits you.

Medical Interpreting and Translations-min-min

Providing languages to the NHS for 15+ years

Medical Industry

Medical Translators and Interpreters

Medical Translation must be accurate and precise. To help with this, we aim to provide translators with an understanding of your specific medical field. We have qualified translators with experience translating medical documents who can assist you with a range of projects.

Engineering Industry

Supporting the Engineering Sector

Technical documents like those used in engineering are often needed in multiple languages. We understand the importance of accuracy in these documents and can provide precise translations in a variety of languages. 

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Medical Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
Local Government

Multinational Marketing

We can ensure you have a consistent message in all languages for multinational advertising, marketing, and public relations. As your brand image is vital, the accuracy of your translations is essential for good relations with your clients.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Sector Worldwide

We have worked with pharmaceutical companies across the UK, Europe, and Asia, providing accurate translations. We can provide translators who are experts in the pharmaceutical industry, including those who are members of the ITI Medical and Pharmaceutical network.

Education Industry

Schools, Colleges and Universities

The education sector has numerous language needs at all levels. Whether it is an interpreter for a parent’s meeting, an orientation pack for an international student or translations for learning materials, we are here to help.

Charity Industry

Working with Charities

We work with charities across the country to supply translations and interpreters for a range of needs. From interpreters to assist with home visits, to translations of refugee information packs, we will help you ensure everyone has access to your charity’s vital services.

Charity Translation Services
Personal Injury Industry

Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence

We work closely with both the legal and medical sectors. This has made us well positioned to help you, or your client, with any language needs relating to your personal injury or clinical negligence claim.

Finance Industry

Finance Translations for a Global Economy

World trade is developing fast. With so much at stake our company understands that when time is money; accuracy and speed are crucial.

Local Government

Language Support for Local Councils

Speaking to communities in their own language is important for local and national government. We can make it easy for you, by providing translators and interpreters who speak local languages. We are currently working with local councils in:

Legal Industry

Working With Courts and Solicitors

We regularly supply interpreters for solicitor and court appointments, as well as translating legal documents including court bundles. We are familiar with the unique needs of the legal system, having worked closely with courts and solicitors since our inception. Making us ready to meet those needs. 

Legal Translations and Legal Interpreters-min
Legal Industry

Legal Translations and Interpreters

We are specialists in providing legal translations and interpreting, working with courts, councils and solicitors around the country. We are proud to support the legal system across the United Kingdom, providing a range of language services. 

Legal Translations

Translators with legal experience or qualifications.

Court Interpreters

DBS vetted interpreters, with DPSI qualifications.

Legal Aid Funded Cases

Professional linguists at legal aid rates.

Appointment Interpreters

Interpreters for face-to-face and remote meetings.