Remote Interpreters

Remote Interpreting

We know that sometimes you don’t need your interpreter to meet you in person. That is why we offer remote interpreting services, allowing you to contact an interpreter through video calls or over-the-phone. Remote interpreters make meeting your needs quick, easy, and incredibly flexible.

Remote Interpreters

Interpreters by Video or Phone

Our interpreters are available both over-the-phone, or through video call platforms. We can offer interpreters via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Cloud Video Platform. Get in contact with experienced professional interpreters from around the country and never be without access to an interpreter again. 

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    Remote Interpreting

    Why Use Us?

    Translate UK provides experienced, professional face-to-face interpreters across the country. We frequently work with highly qualified individuals with years of experience, and pride ourselves on providing a high-quality service, with a flexible, personal approach. Whatever the situation, we are here to assist you with your unique language needs.

    Why Use Us

    Qualified Professional Interpreters

    Our interpreters have a range of qualifications and expertise. When assigning jobs, we always consider the details of the booking to ensure that you work with an interpreter with relevant qualifications and experience. Many of our interpreters are DPSI qualified or registered with the NRPSI, ITI, or the CIOL.  

    Why Use Us

    Confidential and Secure

    We can provide vetted, DBS checked interpreters, and we ask that our linguists sign a code of conduct and data protection agreement before undertaking any work with us.  This is to ensure professionalism and compliance with GDPR regulations.

    Remote Interpreting


    Remote Interpreters

    We have provided over-the-phone interpreting services for several years now and we have many interpreters who are experienced working in this manner. We are also able to offer a complimentary conference call service. You simply call the number and enter the access code and your meeting will progress privately once all participants arrive.

    Why Use Us

    Video Call Interpreters

    For years we have used telephone and Skype to provide remote interpreting, since the pandemic we have expanded to include numerous other video platforms. Let us know your preferences when you contact us, and we will tailor the service to suit your needs.

    • Zoom
    • Skype
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Cloud Video Platform
    Why Use Us

    Here To Help Your Business

    We always work with a flexible approach, ready to meet the unique needs of your business. For ongoing matters, we know that it may be preferable to have the same interpreter at a number of appointments and we will always try our best to make this possible.

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