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As the society in the UK becomes more diverse, we at Translate UK recognize the increasing and important role we play in assisting Local Authorities in communicating and engaging with communities. Whether you’re needing a translation or an interpreter we are here to help. Having worked with local governments since our inception, we are well prepared to meet any or all of your language needs. We continue to be of service to Local Authorities throughout, West Yorkshire, the North West and North East.

Why Use Us

All of our linguists are qualified, vetted and DBS checked, work in their mother tongue and are assigned exclusively to jobs in their specialist sector. We’ve provided a wide range of services to Local Authorities over the years including translation of court bundles, leaflets, posters, letters and medical questionnaires as well as face-to-face interpreting for social care, housing and legal services.

We also have in-depth experience of working in all aspects of public law proceedings and have become the preferred supplier for legal departments for their translation needs. Whether you need a letter or an entire bundle translating, we can assist. We understand your tight timescales and ensure we meet your deadlines, so you can meet the court’s deadlines.

Meeting Your Business Needs

We understand your need for confidentiality and the sensitive nature of the work and have procedures in place to ensure we are GDPR compliant. All of our translators sign Data Protection Agreements to ensure full compliance.

We can provide remote interpreting to continue to meet your needs both during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond, via many different platforms including Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp.

We Understand Local Government

 As budgets and deadlines get tighter, we are dedicated to providing you with a fast-paced, affordable and high-quality service and we are committed to meeting each of our clients’ individual needs.

Our team will be happy to work with you to customise and adapt our services, so that they best suit you.  For more information or to contact us for a quote please read more.

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