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As one of the world’s global cities, London is a key location for much of our business, with a significant amount of both our linguists and clients operating in the city and its surrounding areas. With over 300 languages spoken and the second largest immigrant population in the world, Translate UK has always strived to maintained a strong presence in the city and is on-hand to assist with any translation or interpreting services.


Interpreters in London

Our interpreting service supplies over 200 languages, from common local languages to the extremely rare. We work hard to provide interpreters in London, using local interpreters whenever possible. We will always work to find you the best interpreter for your appointment.

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    Legal Translation

    Court Bundles, Contracts, Patents, Wills

    Technical Translation

    Manuals, Reports, Technical Drawings

    Medical Translation

    Consent Forms, Labels, Journal Articles

    Our Services

    London Translation Service

    Our London translation service provides precise, reliable translations for written documents. Working with professional document translators we supply fast, accurate translations. We also cater to specialist industries whose document translations require expert knowledge.

    Specialist Support

    A Full Range of Language Services

    We supply translators and interpreters to suit a range of business needs. Whether you need a specialist, who understands industry terminology, or an interpreter for a short notice video meeting, we work to ensure you have the right language support for your business. 

    Our Benefits

    Why Use Us?

    We pride ourselves on offering our customers the best service possible. 





    We Meet Tight Deadlines

    We know how important deadlines are, so we work hard to meet even the tightest of deadlines.

    We specialise in finding last minute interpreters, and in many instances, our translations take no longer than 48 hours to be returned. We have at times been able to provide same-day translations, and our linguists can provide sight-translations at appointments or in court.

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    Professional Qualified Linguists

    Our team of linguists is composed of experienced, qualified individuals who work hard to meet your language needs.

    Many of our linguists are registered with the Institute of Translation and Interpreting or the Chartered Institute of Linguists. 

    Our specialist linguists also possess additional sector specific training, experience or qualifications in their field. 




    Remote Service Options

    Our linguists are available for both face-to-face and remote appointments. Our flexible approach allows our customers to connect with linguists in the way that works best for their business.
    Speak to your interpreter face-to-face, over the phone or through your choice of video call platform. 
    • Zoom
    • Skype
    • Telephone
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Cloud Video Platform
    • Conference Call (Complimentary)
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    Confidential and Secure

    We ask that our linguists sign a code of conduct and data protection agreement, to ensure professionalism and compliance with GDPR regulations. Additionally, we only ever send documents by secure email so you can be sure that your data is safe with us.