Translators and Interpreters

Who Are Our Linguists?

We work with talented freelance translators and interpreters from around the country. Our range of translators and interpreters allows us to cater to a wide variety of language needs, including those of obscure languages.

We also provide linguists with specialist sector experience or training and qualifications specific to each sector’s needs.

What Are We Looking For?

We are always on the lookout for new linguists to join our team. We are looking for talented and professional linguists who are able to maintain the same high standards that we expect of ourselves.

We only use translators and interpreters who can uphold our code of conduct and provide a confidential and customer-focused service.

Register as a Linguist

If you would like to register as on of our lingusits please email our registry team at:

[email protected]

Interpreters Needed

Hungarian, Yiddish, Sinhalaese, Koroboro, Runyankole, Polish, Spanish, Tetum, Kurdish Bahdini, Twi, Mauritian Creole, Akan, Soninke, Nepalese, Setswana, Cambodian Khmer, Fur and Bravanese

Please Note: We are only seeking UK based qualified interpreters 

Who We Are Currently Looking For?

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I’ve been working as professional interpreter and translator for over ten years in many areas including legal, business and medical covering mainly North of England. I hold Diploma in Public Service Interpreting and I am also a member of NRPSI. I have been working with Translate UK for many years now and working with Translate UK has been and continues to be an outstanding experience. They are reliable, professional, helpful and respond swiftly to any request to a highest standard in timely manner.

Katarina Clarke

Professional Interpreter and Translator of Czech & Slovak Languges

I’m a British Sign Language Interpreter and I’ve been working for Translate UK for nearly a year on a self employed basis. In that time I have found Mohammed and the team extremely professional and helpful. Translate UK are one of the good agencies as they always pay on time and I have no problems in recommending them to other interpreters.


Sarah Glendenning

Registered Sign Language Interpreter

I am Anthony Ojolola a freelance Yoruba interpreter.  Working mainly in the Criminal Justice System and the Immigration Appellate Authority, in a career spanning over three decades, I have not had a boring moment. I started working with Translate UK Ltd in 2018, and the experience of working with both the firm and their clients has been anything but unremitting joy.



Anthony Ojolola

Freelance Yoruba Interpreter

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