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Note takers, also known as court reporters, verbatim reporters or stenographers, are responsible for producing a precise and real-time summary of what is being said and can accurately write at speeds of around 200 words per minute. All of our verbatim reporters are trained to use machine or pen shorthand and will bring their own equipment in order to produce a word-for-word report of the spoken word at an appointment.

We also provide transcription of previously recorded meetings and appointments.

Why Use Us

We can provide note takers across a wide variety of sectors including court reporting and speech to text reporting for those who cannot make their own notes. This might be where a client is focused on watching a lip speaker or a BSL interpreter, or for clients with visual impairments, dyslexia or mobility problems.

All of our note takers are registered with the British Institute for Verbatim Reporting and those working with deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind clients are registered with the NRCPD.

Before undertaking any work for us, each of our note takers signs a confidentiality agreement to ensure full compliance with GDPR regulations, as well as a code of conduct so you can be sure that you will receive nothing but the best service.

Speech To Text Reporters

Electronic note takers use an ordinary laptop which can then be linked to a client’s laptop to provide them with a real-time summary of the meeting taking place. For deafblind clients, the note taker’s laptop can be linked to a braille machine. The note taker will use a specialist note taking software which allows them to use shorthand language and type at a faster speed. It will also allow the client to type messages to the note taker or add their own notes. At the end of the meeting the note taker will provide a copy of the notes either as a hard copy or as a digital copy via email or on a memory stick.

Manual note takers provide a clear set of handwritten notes for the client to read after the meeting. The notes will include a summarised account of all relevant information including discussion, comments and asides, and with manual note taking it is much easier for the note taker to include annotations, diagrams and equations when needed. Where required we can provide a typed copy of the notes for an additional charge.

Remote Note Takers

We understand that face to face meetings may not always be possible. We are well prepared to continue to meet your needs, no matter the situation, by providing remote note takers via many different platforms including Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp. For more information on remote interpreting, please click the link below.

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