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Our face-to-face interpreters work to facilitate communication between individuals who speak another language and those who speak English, in order to provide them with equal access to all of the services they might need. At Translate UK we have been providing interpreters for more than 15 years and have worked across a number of different sectors including the legal, government and medical sectors as well as finance, marketing and engineering.

Why Use Us

We recommend face-to-face interpreting where a conversation is necessary. This includes complex and sensitive situations where information is best delivered in person.

Both simultaneous interpreting (in which the linguist interprets as the client speaks) and consecutive interpreting (in which the speaker takes frequent pauses to allow the linguist to interpret) permit instant communication and allow a constant flow of dialogue between parties.

Face-to-face interpreting also allows the interpreter to pick up on the body language of the speaker, which helps them to provide a more reliable depiction of the message the speaker hopes to convey.

Meeting Your Business Needs

Thanks to a developed network of veteran linguists, Translate UK is positioned to provide you with local interpreters at even the shortest of notices, even having provided linguists on the same day in the past. We can provide linguists for the rarest of languages and you can be assured that our linguists adhere to both a strict code of conduct and are GDPR compliant due to the signing of confidentiality agreements. 

Furthermore, we appreciate that in these unprecedented times face-to-face interpreting isn’t always possible. Fortunately, we also provide an incredibly sophisticated remote interpreting service to continue to meet your needs, regardless of the global health situation. Via different platforms including Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom; you can continue to make use of the excellent service our linguists provide. Please click the link below for more information. 

The Best Interpreter For You

Many of our linguists specialise in a particular sector, and we will be sure to assign the most suitable interpreter for your request. There may also be situations in which you have more specific needs. For example, a client may feel more comfortable with a male or a female interpreter, or where a language is spoken in many different places we can provide a linguist from a specific country or region. A member of our team will be more than happy to tailor our services so that they best suit your needs. 

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