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Deaf Relay

Deaf relay interpreters are deaf professionals who work alongside British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters to assist members of the deaf community who are not fluent in BSL. An individual may not be fluent in BSL due to a variety of different reasons. Including but not limited to: learning difficulties, mental health issues, or variations in the sign language due to coming from another country.

Other members of the deaf community, often termed grassroots deaf, use unstandardised, complex and rare signs and so a standard BSL interpreter alone may not be best suited for assisting in this situation. In addition to this, those who are grassroots deaf may struggle to understand basic concepts and general knowledge. Our deaf relay interpreters will adapt BSL so that the client has a full understanding of the information being given and will interpret the client’s response back into BSL.

Why Use Us

All of our deaf relay interpreters are NRCPD qualified and have been vetted by us. They each sign a code of conduct to ensure a professional and impartial service, as well as a confidentiality agreement to guarantee full compliance with GDPR regulations. Our deaf relay interpreters usually work with the same BSL interpreter for the majority of their work, allowing for seamless communication between the two.

Meeting Your Business Needs

It’s understandable that face-to-face interpreting may not always be a viable solution. We are well prepared to continue to meet your needs, no matter the situation, by providing remote interpreters via many different platforms including Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp. For more information on remote interpreting, please click the link below.

More Information

At Translate UK we are more than happy to adapt our services to meet your specific requirements. To discuss your needs with a member of our team or for more information please click the link below.

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