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Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Sector

Whether you or your client has been injured due to a road traffic accident, an accident in a public place or as the result of clinical negligence, Translate UK are here to help with your claim. We have been providing interpreters and translations to the legal and medical sectors for over 10 years, and with an in-house legal expert with more than 20 years’ experience we are ready and able to cater to all of your language needs.

Why Use Us

Our network of linguists spans the UK and so we can provide local interpreters who are available 24/7 in almost any language possible. Our professional and reliable interpreters have experience working in a wide range of settings, from medical appointments to legal consultations and court hearings. Where face-to-face appointments are not possible, we are well prepared to continue to meet your needs by providing remote interpreters via many different platforms, including conference calls, Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp.

We can also provide certified translations of both legal and medical documents, such as witness statements, police reports and medical assessments, as well as translation of financial statements or insurance documents when needed.

Meeting Your Business Needs

We understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to legal and medical translations and we work hard to provide nothing but the best. We know how important it is to meet the strict deadlines given by the courts and we are proud to be able to offer a high quality service on a restrictive timeframe. We love a challenge and are committed to doing whatever we can to meet your language needs, no matter how short the notice.

All of our linguists are qualified and work exclusively in their mother tongue. They each sign a confidentiality agreement and a code of conduct before undertaking any work for us, so you can be sure you will receive a professional and impartial service. We will also make sure to assign the most suitable linguist for your request. We have teams of medical and legal specialists who are not only experts in their language but also in the legal or medical field, having worked in the industry or having completed training specific to their chosen sector.

We Understand Clinical Negligence Claims

There may also be situations in which you have more specific needs. For example, a client may feel more comfortable with a male or a female interpreter or, where a language is spoken in many different places, we can provide a linguist from a specific country or region. A member of our team will be more than happy to tailor our services so that they best suit your needs. For more information or for a quote, please click the link below.

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