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Here at Translate UK we provide translation and interpreting services to every kind of business, however we can provide specialist support to certain sectors.

For these specialist sectors we can provide translators and interpreters with in-depth knowledge and experience of working with these sectors. This allows us to provide a service better tailored to the unique needs of the sector. Our linguists understand the business, regulatory and cultural environments you trade in, and can make a real difference to the needs of your multi-lingual client base.

Browse the list below for further information on each sector for which we can provide specialist support.


We work with qualified linguists with legal experience in family law including public law proceedings, personal injury, criminal law and many other fields, we can help you in any language. We can provide accurate translations of legal documents as well as face to face interpreters, to solicitors, courts and tribunal services. We also work with many solicitors on Legally Aided funded cases.


Speaking to communities in their own language is important for local and national government. We can make it easy for you, by having translators and interpreters to suit your needs.


Medical Translation has to be accurate and precise. Regardless of your medical field we have qualified translators with experience. Whether this is translating documents such as training  or marketing materials. As well as pharmaceutical documents or prescription labels we offer accurate translations in a variety of languages. 


We can ensure you have a consistent message in all languages for multinational Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations. As brand image is what you’re known by, getting your translations to be accurate is essential, for good relations with your clients.


World trade is developing fast with so much at stake, our company understands that time is money, accuracy and speed are crucial. We make sure your Financial, Insurance and Banking documents are accurately translated as these are important to you and your business.


Technical documents like those used in engineering are often needed in mutliple languages. We understand the importance of accuracy in these documents and can provide precise translations in a variety of languages.

Other Sectors

We provide translation and interpreter services for a variety of businesses across almost every sector. While we have additional experience and expertise in the sectors listed above, we always strive to provide the best service possible. Get in touch today to find out how we can meet your language needs. 

Services for Individuals

As well as providing translations to a variety of businesses, Translate UK is also able to provide translations to individuals. We have worked with individual on a number of occasions for example, providing document translation for marriage certificates, land registry documents and wills. Please do get in touch if you are in need of any translation or interpreting services.

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