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of Ethiopia’s populatoin speak Oromo


of Oromo speakers live in Ethiopia


most spoken native language in the Africa

Oromo Translation and Interpreting

At Translate UK we provide a professional Oromo translation service, as well as Oromo interpreters. As one of the most widely spoken languages in Africa, Oromo is an important language for communicating with a large number of people. 

Million Speakers Worldwide

Million Speakers in Ethiopia

Thousand Speakers in Kenya

Thousand Speakers in Somalia

About the Oromo Language

 Oromo is part of the Cushitic branch of the Afroasiatic language family. Primarily spoken in Ethiopia, Oromo originates in the Oromia region of the country and is the language of the Oromo people.

After Arabic, Hausa and Swahili, Oromo is the most widely spoken African language. Additionally, Oromo is the most widely spoken of all the Cushitic languages. In Ethiopia alone there are 34 million Oromo speakers, with over a third of the country’s population speaking Oromo. Outside of Ethiopia, significant populations of Oromo speakers can be found in Kenya and Somalia. Smaller populations of Oromo speaking emigrants can be found in South Africa, Libya, Egypt, and Sudan.

Oromo Dialects

There are many different dialects of Oromo, with enough variation between them that some cannot be understood by one another. Differences in pronunciation, phonology and vocabulary vary across regions. These dialects have also been influenced by the languages surrounding them, with dialects in Ethiopia receiving influenced from Amharic, while dialects in Kenya are influenced by Swahili and English.

Some of the main dialects of Oromo include West Central Oromo, Orma, Waata, Eastern Oromo (also called Harar) and Southern Oromo  (also called Afaan Oromo or Boranaa-Arsii-Gujii Oromo).

Sector Specific Services

At Translate UK we can provide Oromo translators or interpreters for a range of dialects. We can also provide additional support for certain sectors by providing them with linguists who have specialised in a specific field. Our linguists are required to keep up to date on specific industry terminology and requirements. This allows us to provide a more customised and supportive service. To learn more about our specialist sectors select one from below.

Oromo Translation Service

We can provide translations to and from Oromo for any document, no matter how large or small. We have been providing document translations for fifteen years, from letters and reports to patient records and certificates, there isn’t much our experienced team haven’t seen. All of our translators are qualified and vetted by us, and many are DPSI qualified or registered with the ITI or CIOL.

Oromo Legal Document Translation

We can provide Oromo translations for any document which is to be used in a legal setting. We have an in-house legal expert with almost 20 years’ experience as a solicitor and are acutely aware of the importance of accuracy and reliability when it comes to the translation of legal documents.

On top of this, each of our legal translators has a specialist focus in law, having worked in or completed training specific to the legal sector. We ensure that all of our legal translators are up to date with the current terminology both in the UK and in their native language to guarantee a quality translation with no mistakes.

Oromo Technical Document Translation

We can provide Oromo translations for technical or scientific documents. This includes journal literature, operation manuals, safety instructions, patents and technical drawings. We know how important it is to have precise, accurate and consistent translations of technical documents, so all our translations are done by experts in the field.

We ensure all of our linguists to stay up to date on the specialised terminology used in their field and for ongoing projects we’ll try to assign the same translator where possible so that they can become familiar with your company terminology and vocabulary.

Secure and Confidential

At Translate UK confidentiality is of the upmost importance to us and we are careful to act in complete compliance with GDPR regulations. Each of our linguists signs a confidentiality agreement before undertaking any work for us and we only ever send documents via secure email.

Oromo Interpreting Service

In addition to our Oromo translation service we can also provide Oromo speaking interpreters. All our interpreters are qualified experienced professionals with relevant post-graduate qualifications and membership of professional linguistic associations. We are well equipped to provide interpreters at short notice and we have even provided linguists for the same day.

Face to Face Oromo Interpreters

Our face to face Oromo interpreters work to facilitate communication between individuals who speak Oromo and those who speak English, in order to provide them with equal access to all of the services they might need. We recommend face to face interpreting where a conversation is necessary, including complex and sensitive situations where information is best delivered in person.

Remote Oromo Interpreters

We understand that it is not always possible to use a face to face interpreter, so we also provide a remote interpreting service. Our Oromo speaking remote interpreters can be contacted through a variety of platforms according to your business needs. This includes over-the-phone and a complimentary conference call service. They can also be contacted through video call platforms including Zoom and Skype. 

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