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 Eden Care Campaign

Every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. This is why we are campaigning to raise funds for Eden Care, which provides support to the terminally ill and those reaching end of life.

Eden Care befriends the terminally ill, providing dignity, care, and a sense of self-worth through friendship. They also advocate for improved quality of care, so every member of our community can live as well as possible until they die.

Please join us in supporting the terminally ill, by making a donation today.

 About Eden Care

Eden Care is a BAME led service helping those who are terminally ill and reaching End of Life. They offer friendship and care as well as promoting improved quality of care and enhanced life choices.

Eden Care is also working to improve the lives of the elderly, with the goal of seeing older members in our community treated with greater dignity, care, and respect. They are tackling the social isolation that is so prevalent among the elderly, through their befriending program and through delivering social and recreational activities.

Eden Care also helps to support those needing End of Life care. End of Life care helps those with advanced, progressive, incurable illnesses to live with dignity, respect, and as little pain as possible, up until the end. Eden Care provides support for patients and family members to help ensure every member of our community gets a good death.

Support Eden Care

Thank you for your support! Donations can be made through our LaunchGood page.

Learn more about Eden Care on their website

Charity Right Campaign

No child should ever go hungry. To help fight against this we are fundraising for Charity Right an international food charity.

Across the world, millions of people live with chronic hunger, for children this can be particularly devastating for their health and education. Charity Right provides nutritious school meals to some of the most vulnerable children in the world, keeping them healthy and in school.

Make a donation today and help fight child hunger.

 About Charity Right

Charity Right is an international food charity working to fight hunger in places like Bangladesh, Greece, Malaysia, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey, and Yemen. Charity Right helps by providing regular meals to families in remote villages and refugee camps, as well as providing school meals.

Without school meals, children are unable to focus on their education and some are left unable to attend school at all. By providing school meals, Charity Right help children stay in school, learn new skills, and become self-sufficient. This ability to gain education is key to lifting communities out of poverty.

These daily nutritious meals also help to prevent illness, reduce the impact of disease, and stop premature deaths. Keeping children healthy and well fed.

Since its inception in 2016 Charity Right has provided over 40 million meals in 7 different countries. Last year alone 10 million meals were provided, supporting 25,000 children and adults. We are supporting Charity Right so that this vital work can continue to free people from poverty and hunger.

Support Charity Right

Thank you for your support! Donations can be made on our Charity Right page.

Learn more about Charity Right on their website

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